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Results for Metro Cup 2013


Professional Piobaireachd Winners:

1st - Bruce Gandy
2nd - Angus MacColl
3rd - Roddy MacLeod
4th - Glenn Brown
5th - Willie McCallum

Professional Medley Winners:

1st - Angus MacColl
2nd - Gordon Walker
3rd - Chris Armstrong
4th - Willie McCallum
5th - Alastair Dunn

Angus MacColl - Medley and Metro Cup Champion 2013

Bruce Gandy - 2013 Piobaireachd Champion



Results for Metro Cup 2012


1st Angus MacColl
2nd Stuart Liddell
3rd Alex Gandy
4th Chris Armstrong, Airth, Scotland
5th Bruce Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
6th Bobby Durning, Milltown, New Jersey
7th Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland

1st Willie McCallum
2nd Alex Gandy
3rd Stuart Liddell
4th Angus MacColl
5th Gordon Walker
6th Chris Armstrong
7th Dan Lyden

Overall Metro Cup Champion Angus MacColl



Results for Metro Cup 2011

1st Stuart Liddell, Inveraray, Scotland, "Lament for the Children"
2nd Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland, "MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart #1"
3rd Alex Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, "The Menzies' Salute"
4th Bruce Gandy, "I Got a Kiss of the King's Hand"
5th Glenn Brown, Glasgow, "Lament for the Earl of Antrim"

1st Bruce Gandy
2nd Willie McCallum, Bearsden, Scotland
3rd Glenn Brown
4th Alen Tully, Dublin
5th Gordon Walker

Overall Metro Cup Champion Bruce Gandy


Results for Metro Cup 2010

1st Brian Donaldson, Edinburgh
2nd Stuart Liddell
3rd Willie McCallum, Bearsden, Scotland
4th Bruce Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
5th Chris Armstrong, Airth, Scotland

1st Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland
2nd Stuart Liddell
3rd Willie McCallum
4th Chris Armstrong
5th Bruce Gandy

Overall Winner was Stuart Liddell


Results for Metro Cup 2009

1st Gordon Walker Scarce of Fishing
2nd Roddy MacLeod Lament for Donald Dughal MacKay
3rd Willie McCallum
Lament for the Children
4th Alasdair Gillies The Vaunting
5th Glenn Brown Beloved Scotland
6th Alastair Dunn Isabel MacKay
7th Jori Chisholm The Lament for the Dead

1st Alasdair Gillies
2nd Willie McCallum
3rd Glenn Brown
4th John Patrick
5th Roddy McLeod

Overall Metro Cup Champion 2009
Willie McCallum
Judges for both events Mike Rogers, Jimmy McIntosh, John Wilson

1st Elizabeth Sheridan, "MacNeill of Barra's March"
2nd Anthony Masterson
3rd Richard Gillies
4th Robert Durning
5th Andrew Tice
6th Reil Becker

Judge: Alastair Dunn

Thomas Brancella Memorial MSR
1st Richard Gillies, "The Young MacGregor," "Arniston Castle," "Alick C. MacGregor"
2nd Anthony Masterson
3rd Robert Durning
4th Willa Davie
5th Elizabeth Sheridan
6th Andrew Tice

Judge: Margaret Dunn


Results for Metro Cup 2008

Open Piobaireachd
1 Jack Lee
2 Willie McCallum
3 Bruce Gandy
4 Alastair Dunn
5 Alen Tully

Open Medley
1 Willie McCallum
2 Alastair Dunn
3 Jack Lee
4 Bruce Gandy
5 Alen Tully

Overall Metro Cup Champion
Willie McCallum


James Stack, James MacGillivray, Gavin Stoddart

Amateur Section
1 Andrew MacPhail
2 Peter McCalister
3 Brian Dodge
4 Chris Lorince
5 Mark Elliott
Judge Jack Lee

1 Andrew Mac Phail
2 Justin Celek
3 Peter McCalister
4 Brian Dodge
5 Robert Durning

Judge Terry Tully

Overall PM George M Bell
Amateur Solo Champion

Andrew MacPhail